Obec Ostrata


History:Ostrata village was first mentioned in 1391. During years 1980-2000 it was part of the city of Zlín. Since 1.1.2001 it became independent again.

Village name and Symbols: The name of Ostrata village is related to the local stream Ostratky which flows to the nearby river Dřevnice. The village emblem has blue background decorated with two yellow stars, big heart and wavy line representing the Ostratky stream.

Location: Ostrata village is situated in the Zlín region, approximately 10 km to the north-east from Zlín city in a slightly rolling terrain surrounded by Hostýnské and Vizovické hills. The average altitude is 314 meters above the sea level. Ostrata land borders with village Kašava on the north, Hvozdná on the south, Štípa and Velíková on the west and Slušovice city on the east.

Basic data: The total area of Ostrata land is 355 ha. Currently there are 423 inhabitants. People in Ostrata form different associations such as Voluntary Firefighters, Red Cross, Association of Hunters and Singular association.

Industry: There are also several important companies based in Ostrata village, for example Elkoplast CZ s.r.o, Rojak s.r.o., Liron trade s.r.o. and others.

Cultural monuments:

Historical rock cross on village square

Saint Ann village chapel

Memorial to the victims of world wars

Tourist attractions:

Wooden ZOO

Contact: langerova@ostrata.cz